In the fields of industrial fasteners and fastening systems, Avdel's name is synonymous with quality and superior manufacturing techniques. The company serves the global automotive, aircraft, switchgear, construction and electronics industries.

Avdel was founded in 1961 and has provided consistently high-quality service and performance. As a company of Textron Fastening Systems (a subsidiary of Textron Inc., one of America's largest multi-industry companies), Avdel helps manufacturers meet their production needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Plus, Avdel's integrated marketing, dealership and service network ensures a high degree of consumer satisfaction and offers excellent after-sales service to its customers. Qualified Avdel engineers and technicians are always available for on-site technical support.

Avdel's product line features lightweight, yet reliable, ergonomic fastening systems designed to lower installation costs, including:

  • Speed fastening
  • Breakstem rivets
  • Blind threaded-insert fastening

Speed fastening
Welding, sheet metal screws, nuts and bolts, and pressed-in fasteners all require extensive labor. Avdel speed fastening, with its magazine-fed system, can significantly reduce labor and costs. Avdel speed fastening is a versatile solution that has proven superior to other methods of fastening in most applications.

Breakstem rivets
Avdel's blind breakstem rivets (and structural breakstem rivets) have been designed to fulfill a variety of functions across a wide range of assembly applications. For example, the company's breakstem rivet range makes labor-intensive operations requiring access to both sides obsolete.

Blind threaded-insert fastening
Avdel threaded inserts provide high-strength, load-bearing threads that are installed quickly and cost effectively into thin, thick, soft, hard or composite materials. The wide range of Avdel threaded inserts has been designed to meet or exceed the varied industrial performance requirements for permanent, reliable fastening.

Avdel threaded insert tooling utilizes leading-edge technology that provides a range of installation equipment to best suit each application's requirements and eliminates the need for welding or tapping.

The combination of the extensive threaded insert product line and the wide range of in-house manufactured tooling provides a unique fastening system to the end user.