Adhesives Electronic Hardware Rivets - Avdel (cont.,) SPS Flexloc® Nuts
Aerosols Grommets Hemlock®
Contact Cements Nylon Hardware Hi-Speed SPS Unbrsko®
Epoxies Spacers Monobolt® Socket Screws
Hot Melt Spring-Fast TM RivScrew® All Point Styles
Instant Standoffs Square Nutsert Button Socket
Scotch Grip® Wire Ties T-Lok® Flat Socket
Bumpers Inserts Rivets - Huck® Shoulder
AVK® BOM® Fasteners Socket Head Cap
Coatings Heli-Coil C6L/C5OL Fasteners Socket Set
Fuel Resistant Hex Sert Hucktainer®
Scotch-Clad® Keenserts® Magna-Grip® Threaded Rod &
Nutserts® Magna-Lok® Studs
Tapes Supersert TM #0 & Larger
Industrial Tapes TSN TM Inserts Rivets - Pop® AVK® Studs
BSD Division Large Flange Open-end
Regular Closed-end Tools & Repair
Sealants Multi-Grip Center
Industrial Metrics T Rivets 3M Adhesive Applicators
Marine Din
Scotch-Seal® ISO Rivet Types Avdel®
Weatherban® Specials Semi-Tubular Hell-Coil
Sotkt Rivets Hex Keys
Bolts/Cap Screws Nuts Structural Huck®
Anchor Acorn Molly~ Jack Nut®
Avdel® Bolts Flange Screws Moll~€ Well-Nut®
Carriage Flexloc® Drive Screws Pop® Rivet
Eye Bolts Hex Drywall
Grade 5 Jack Nuts® Hex Cap Washers
Grade 8 Jam Hex Socket External Tooth
Hex Head K-Lock Hi- Lo® Finishing Cup
Huck® Bolts Knurled Machine Flat
Lag Screws Nylon Inserts Self-Drilling Internal Tooth
Lock Bolts Panel Self-Tapping Split Lockwasher
Masonry Press Nuts Sems
Square Head Self-locking Sheet Metal Specials
Tap Square Spline Socket Specials available
U-Bolts Tee Nuts Tamper-Resistant to your prints and
Wei-lt® Tinnerman® Thread Cuffing specifications
Whiz-Lock® Weld Thread Forming
Well-Nuts® Thumb
Captive Hardware Whiz-Lock® Twin-Fast® Wood
Extension Nuts Wing Type "U' Drive
Press Nuts Weld Screws
Press Standoffs Pins Wood
Press Studs Cotter
Die Cast Dowel Self-Locking Fasteners at®
Cap Nuts Sel-Lok® Long Lok®
Thumb Nuts Spring Nylon Insert Locknuts
Thumb Screws Taper Patch-lock®
Wing Nuts Pellet
Wing Screws Rivets - Avdel®
Avex® SPS Unbrsko® Line
Eberhard@ Closures Avtainer® Dowel Pins
Gas Springs Briv Hex Keys
Handles Bulb-type Pressure Plugs
Hinges Chobert® Sel-Lok@ Pins
Latches & Strikes Closed-end Shaft Collars