Accurate Fasteners, Inc. provides a large variety of special services for our customers. These services range from Inventory Management Systems to special labeling and packaging. In each case, we have taken the best practices and systems that we have been able to find and have applied them to meet our customers needs. As new needs come to light, our list of available services increases regularly to meet these needs.

Our approach to Special Services is to provide our customers with options. Instead of being forced to work around industry practices, we prefer to let our customers tell us what they want and need and let us provide them.

For example, if a customer will group items into assembly kits, we offer an option to have us do the kitting. Or, more frequently, Special Customer Part Numbers are used to identify hardware items. Accurate will not only label each package with your part numbers; it will add a bar code version to help with your internal processes.



Inventory Management

Key Benefits

Our programs help streamline the reordering process, eliminating stock-outs and excessive inventory buildup. Plus, AFI personnel work with you to tailor operations to your company's specific technological capabilities. All audits and transmission to Accurate can be as simple as a visual count and faxed status report to Accurate, or a single-step with a bar-code reader and electronic transfer. read more..