Whether your company has fixed production needs or your fastener needs fluctuate weekly, Accurate Fasteners, Inc. can help you manage your inventory more efficiently and cost-effectively.

AFI provides a variety of vendor-managed inventory (VMI) programs that are designed to offer you a simple, automatic reordering process for stock items. With a VMI program in place, you can rely on AFI to manage and replenish your inventory when you need it.

This streamlined approach to inventory and order-fulfillment, also referred to as "Just-In-Time" (JIT), brings significant time and cost savings to facilities that incorporate them, while maintaining full availability of product for production needs. We believe that the key is to design simple, easy-to-run processes that work well in a moderately controlled fastener stock location. We analyze product use, suggest economic order quantities and reorder points, and implement the entire inventory management process.

Both AFI's AccuStock™ and Assured Inventory management programs provide the confidence and protection you need to effectively run your business.

Plus, we tailor our operations to meet your technological capabilities. Our audits and transmissions can be as simple as a visual count and faxed status report by an AFI representative or as "high-tech" as a bar-code reader that transfers the data electronically to our inventory database.

AccuStock Program
This program uses an audit-based reordering scheme. All shipments from AFI arrive in pre-determined quantities. Product stocking is performed in a coordinated manner with items maintained in the pre-packaged quantities until they are used.

AFI personnel perform an inventory audit on a regular basis, and they compare the product quantity on hand to the reorder point printed on the bin location (or off a reorder sheet). Items below the reorder point are noted for replenishment. The replenishment amount can also adapt to a customer's production schedules.

The audit information is then transferred to AFI, where the reordering process is completed. At this point, the system functions in the same way as it does in the Assured Inventory program.

Key Benefits
The AccuStock Program is designed to streamline the reordering process, eliminating stock-outs and excessive inventory buildup. AFI personnel work with you to tailor operations to your company's specific technological capabilities. All audits and transmission to Accurate can be as simple as a visual count and faxed status report to Accurate, or a single-step with a bar-code reader and electronic transfer.

Assured Inventory Program
This program uses a card-based reordering scheme. That means that all shipments from AFI include a pre-printed reorder card in the package. Customers open items in their shipments one at a time, collect the cards inside and then deliver those cards to the purchasing department or directly to AFI for reordering. Everything is set: contract prices, package sizes, bin locations, etc.

Key Benefits
The Assured Inventory Program is designed for a highly controled environment. If run correctly this program is the least expensive way to ensure full availability on all items. However, we have found this program to be less popular in today's production environments because of the critical need to return cards to start the re-order process. Often customers request us to implement a combination card and audit based system.